Privacy Policy

This privacy statement describes how we collect and process your personal data through the websites, devices, products, services, online and physical stores and applications of TAG s.r.l. which refer to this Privacy Policy.

Data controllers of personal data

Holders of the processing of personal data is TAG s.r.l., based in via Giovanni Pascoli - 9, 60044, FABRIANO, AN, P.Iva / CF IT02794590428 Rea AN- 215549

Personal data that is collected by TAG

During our activity we collect your personal data to provide and constantly improve our products and services

Below are the categories of data we collect:

  • Data you provide directly: we receive the data you voluntarily provide us by requesting services, consulting the website, subscribing to the news letter and registering in the form. Click here to view the data we collect. You may choose not to provide certain data, but in this case you may not be able to use many of our services.
  • Data that is collected automatically: when you use the online services offered by TAG we automatically receive and store certain categories of data, such as, for example, information relating to your use of them, including your interaction with the content and services available through browsing and voluntarily provided data. Like many other websites, we use "cookies" and other identification tools and we obtain certain types of data when your browser or device accesses our services and content.
  • Data received from other sources we may receive information about you from other sources, such as websites operated by TAG or from third parties who come into contact with us.

For what purposes TAG s.r.l. processes your personal data

We process personal data to perform, provide and improve the service we offer our customers, and in particular for:

  • Provide and improve services.
  • Suggestions and personalization.
  • Comply with legal obligations. Communicate with you.
  • Advertising
  • Purposes for which we request your consent.


To allow our systems to recognize your browser or device and to provide our services we use cookies. For more information on cookies and how we use them, please consult our  Cookie information.

Data communication to third parties

The data collected by us may be transferred and / or otherwise made known, in the performance of the services requested, to third parties, such as server managers, customers, suppliers, shippers, browser maintainers, personnel assigned to extraordinary operations and not predictable, etc.


We protect data using state-of-the-art security systems, using software with passwords that comply with current regulations, as well as through the adoption and respect of an internal privacy policy. We design our systems and devices taking due consideration of your security and your privacy. We adopt physical, electronic and organizational security measures in relation to the collection, storage and communication of personal data of the data held by us. Our security procedures may imply that you may occasionally be asked to provide proof of your identity before being able to know and modify your personal data. For a better protection of personal data it is important that the user also takes appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to his password and to his computer, devices and applications.

Third parties and advertising links

The services offered by TAG may include third-party advertisements and links to other websites and applications. Third parties may also collect information about you when you interact with their content, their advertising and their services.

Most data processed

The most used data may consist of the name provided, address, residence, any social profile, additional information, settings and purchase history on the store, account information on websites managed by TAG, any payment options on the store.

Access and complaints

TAG s.r.l. allows at any time access to their personal data of users, the reporting of complaints, as well as requests for the deactivation of services and data cancellation, by request at the address of   Customer Service . The user can request the correction or cancellation of their personal data pursuant to art. 12 of Legislative Decree no. 81/2018. In case of cancellation request TAG may retain some data for the time strictly necessary to comply with the law In case of request and / or complaint, the user will also be assisted by a natural person, as provided for by art. 8, second paragraph, of Legislative Decree. n. 81/2018, which will take care of the request without request, and free of charge, providing an answer. In case of inefficiencies and / or problems the user can also lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, following the procedures indicated on the website In the event of a request for the cancellation of personal data, the TAG User may in any case keep the data necessary for legal and contractual obligations for the period provided for by the regulations in force for the type of data processed.


TAG adopts legislation regarding minors in compliance with current regulations. In case some sites / services are reserved for adults TAG adopts a security measure to signal the prohibition of use by minors. TAG is not liable for any fraudulent use by minors who may provide false credentials.

Data retention period

Personal data collected and / or voluntarily provided by Clients will be kept for the time necessary to complete the services requested and in any case for the period of time granted by the sector legislation.

Data Protection Officer

In compliance with the Sector regulations, we inform you that the Data Protection Officer of the data stored is TAG s.r.l., based in via Giovanni Pascoli - 9, 60044, FABRIANO, AN, P.Iva / CF IT02794590428 Rea AN- 215549.


For any further communication and / or request with respect to what is specified in this section, any interested party may request information at any time from the Data Controller, TAG s.r.l., based in via Giovanni Pascoli - 9, 60044, FABRIANO, AN, P.Iva / CF IT02794590428 Rea AN- 215549, by means of a communication sent to the address:

TAG s.r.l. undertakes to update this section in any case of modification of the sector regulations and / or in any case of system modifications, replacing and / or however updating the Privacy Policy.